What Are The Most Efficient Professional Tools For Removing Callus?

Everyone wants beautiful, sexy and smooth looking legs and feet, especially during the summer. And although now it is currently winter and we have to face ugly and cold weather, it is never too early to start grooming our feet and prep them out for spring and summer. But, apart from shaving, exfoliating and moisturizing our feet, often enough we have to also watch out for minor feet skin affections such as dehydrated skin, irritation, corns and calluses. Calluses represent large deposits of thick dead skin cells, especially on the area of heels. They are often caused by standing too much on our feet, walking or running too much, wearing uncomfortable shoes or high heels for a long time. In other words, putting too much pressure on our heels on a daily basis will determine our bodies to react and regenerate in the affected areas by producing thicker layers of skin to absorb shocks.
But apart from looking nasty, calluses can also be dangerous if not treated and diminished accordingly. However, not all people have the necessary time or money to go to pedicure salons regularly and remove their dead skin cells from feet by using complicated devices and procedures. Luckily, some of these devices can also be purchased online and use in the comfort of your own home, without giving up quality, professionalism or efficiency. Here are some of the most professional callus remover tools you can buy online:

Electronic files

The most popular home-used pedicure devices, electronic files are often enough small and portable devices which use diamond crystals or very abrasive surfaces to remove as many thick layers of skin as possible. Electronic files can be charged using rechargeable batteries, USB and even electricity so that they maintain a constant speed and efficiency whenever you are using them. In order to benefit from the efficiency of an electronic file and remove callus easily, you will have to prepare your feet a bit prior to the procedure. Soak your feet in warm water for around 10 minutes and let them dry naturally. After your skin is softened, use the electric file directly on the affected area. A powerful device will show results as quickly as the first use.


There are numerous spa and pedicure salons that still use blades in order to remove dead skin cells from your heel area and deliver soft and beautiful looking legs. But, despite this method’s efficiency, you should avoid using this procedure unless you are really familiar with it and are absolute positive you can handle it. Blades are sharp enough to cause injuries and cuts in your skin. Moreover, if you do not use disposable blades you can easily get infected and develop further skin and health conditions. Last but not least, if you are not truly familiar with the procedure, you can risk doing it wrong or not applying too much pressure on the affected area and thus not receive the wanted results. It is best to leave this technique in the hands of authorized personnel. Meanwhile, you can use pads, gels and other substances to remove callus yourself.