Treat Callus In The Most Natural Way

Due to continuous friction, rubbing and pressure on the skin, a portion of the skin gets hard and thickened. It can develop in many part of your body that is frequently rubbed and fractioned. Generally, people suffer from the callus in feet and hand. Callus is annoying as it can cause pain and aggravation. If you try to remove the callus by scratching your skin or using any kind of sharp tool, then you can worsen the condition and cause more pain to you.

Causes of callus

There are several causes of callus. Some of the common causes include;

  • Wrong fit shoes: It is one of the most common causes of developing the callus in your feet. On wearing the wrong fit shoes, higher pressure is applied on your feet that results in skin tightening.
  • Wearing shoes without socks: If you are wearing the right sized shoes or sandals but without socks then also there are equal chances of developing the callus on your feet skin. This is due to the increased friction of the skin.
  • Dry skin: Those who have to remain in air conditioner for the long time are suggested to wear the right foot wear and gloves to prevent their hand and feet from losing moisture. This leads to the dryness of the skin which causes callus.

There are some other causes that include abnormalities of the skin, nerves, bone, blood vessels, and flat foot that could cause the problem of callus.

Callus remover gels are much effective

When you look for the callus remover products then make sure that you look for the Natural callus eliminator. It will prevent your skin from irritation or getting affected with the harmful chemicals. People affected with callus, find it easy to use the callus remover gels. The gel is non sticky and it is very convenient to apply. You need to clean your skin with the towel and then use the spatula to spread the gel on the affected skin. Read the directions on the gel tube or bottle for the better results.

Callus gels and lotions are the best medications for treating the callus. Active ingredients like salicylic acids and potassium hydroxide are helpful in removing the callus. These ingredients help in softening the skin enabling the callus to get peeled and removed easily without causing any sort of pain. Salicylic acids present in the callus remover gel retain the moisture of the skin and help in reducing the tightness of the skin, which makes it easier to remove the dead skin by rubbing with the pumice stone.

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Obtain the best results from the natural callus remover gel

In order to obtain the best results from the natural callus remover gel, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Soak your feet in water for about 5 minutes to get all the dirt removed and make the skin soft.
  • Cover the surrounding area of callus with the help of Vaseline or body lotion. This will form a protective layer on the skin and prevent the gel from working on the other portion of the skin.
  • You are needed to look for the time duration for which the gel is needed to be applied. Read the instructions and make sure that you do not exceed the time. Wash your feet thoroughly and gently.

Callus gels are much stronger and recommended for the people who have seriously developed the callus on their skin. If you have noticed the onset of callus, you should try for the natural remedies or home care remedies for treating it. If the problem is not so serious then you can start treating callus at home.

Get rid of the callus naturally at home

Callus affects you health and beauty. So, as soon as you notice that callus is developing on your skin, you should start treating it. There are various natural ways that help you to get rid of the pesky callus at home:

  • Epsom salt and pumice stone: Water helps in softening the skin and treating the callus. You need to soak your feet or the affected portion of body in the lukewarm water with dissolved Epsom salt for about 30 minutes. Warm water helps in softening the hard skin and the Epsom salt helps in prevention of the fungus that grows with callus. This salt has the anti-fungal properties and exfoliating properties. After your feet are well soaked in the water, you are needed to gently rub the pumice stone on the skin to remove the dead skin cells.
  • Use of vinegar: Vinegar is a dilute acid and it has an ability to cut off the dirt and germs. If you have developed the callus on your skin. You need to soak a cotton ball in the diluted vinegar and dab it over the affected skin. Wrap the cotton ball on your skin and leave it overnight. In the morning, you will see that the callus is softened hence you can get the dead skin removed.
  • Lemon and aspirin: these tow ingredients are one of the best treatments for callus. You just need to squeeze out a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and put one aspirin in it. When the aspirin gets dissolve in it, mix it to make a smooth paste. Thus, paste is needed to be applied over the affected skin. Cover it with the help of a plastic wrap and again cover the plastic wrap with the heated towel. Leave it at least for 15 minutes and after that scrub the skin with pumice stone very gently to treat the callus.
  • Use good quality of moisturizer: dryness of the skin is one of the causes of callus. So, if you want to prevent your skin from dryness, you should use the moisturizer. Apply a good quality moisturizer on your skin to make your skin healthy.

These are some of the natural ways by which you can prevent the growth of callus on your skin. If you feel any kind of abnormal pain in your feet, then you should first get it confirmed for callus and then move ahead with the treatments.