Naturist Medicine – How Do You Get Rid Of Calluses On Your Toes?

Figuring how to get rid of calluses on toes might look challenging at first, especially as they keep returning. Their profile is fairly simple to understand though. Calluses can move on by themselves if you are careful enough to clear the causes. But if you fail to eliminate the causes, they will come back at you when least expected. Calluses are most commonly caused by friction and pressure. This is the main reason wherefore they mostly show up on the soles and toes. When left untreated, they might become a bit uncomfortable and even painful.
So, how do you get rid of calluses on your toes? Easy! You got more options. Some people stick to the classic pumice stone. Some others buy one of these professional and modernist callus removers, which are more common in beauty salons. Finally, there is also a third solution that implies attacking calluses with all kinds of naturist recipes. They do not have any adverse reactions, but they are likely to take more time than a professional callus remover. So, how do you get rid of calluses on your toes with such recipes?

Using Sugar Scrub for Calluses

Looking for a scrub to get rid of calluses? Consider it done! Sugar scrub is quite efficient and can provide excellent results over short periods of time. Sugar granules are rough and work on the exfoliation. Apart from half a cup of granulated sugar, make sure that you get a few drops of lemon essential oil as well. Also, you will need a little mineral water – just enough to come up with a paste. The paste is supposed to be loose and watery though.
Combine all these ingredients and make sure that the paste is watery enough to easily rub on the calluses. Perform circular moves for around 20 minutes or just until you can no longer feel the sugar crystals. Obviously, they will dissolve after too much rubbing. Rinse the area and moisturize it. Do it about three times a week and you will get rid of calluses within a few weeks.

Using Pineapple as a Remedy against Calluses

Pineapple is excellent in all kinds of health related ventures due to its properties. It is also delicious, but then, it makes a great remedy against calluses too. So, how do you get rid of calluses on your toes with pineapple? You do not need the core, so feel free to enjoy it. You only need its peel, as well as a clean cloth or gauze.
Get a large piece of peel to cover the entire callus. Put is on it, but make sure that it is thoroughly held in place for the inside of the peel to touch the callus. Secure it with some cloth or gauze, then use a tape. Do it before going to sleep and let the pineapple act overnight. Do it night by night until the callus becomes history.


How do you get rid of calluses on your toes? There are plenty of options, so it only depends on your available time and budget, yet none of them costs too much anyway.