Things to know about Callus and its eliminator

Before we move directly into the topic there are certain things which we need to know about Callus. Let us go step by step to get into the main topic of the article.

What exactly is Callus? Is this any disease or a temporary skin condition?

It’s a typical medical condition of the skin of certain parts of the body which turns thick and hard. It happens to those areas where the skin goes through severe friction or pressure and that too for a longer duration on a daily basis.   You can find the development of hardened skin in areas like hands and feet, apart from the areas which get under pressure. It gives an ugly look to the skin and you will also feel irritated and uncomfortable with such a skin condition.

What are the reasons behind the occurrence of Callus?

There are some ugly looking Calluses which develop in the feet due to the wrong style of walking. In some cases, if the selected shoes or slippers are not of right shape and size it creates pressure on the feet leading to Callus. Development of callus is found mostly among women who prefer wearing high heels and thereby create extra pressure on their feet. If you have the habit of wearing shoes without socks then there is high chance that you may develop skin hardening in feet. In a similar fashion for hands too, if you are using a tight fitted watch or short sized rings in the finger there may be a growth of hard skin.

What are the symptoms which indicate that you developed a callus on your skin?


  • A bump on the skin which is of raised structure and hardened in nature
  • A certain area of the skin gets rough and hard
  • Dry and Flaky skin
  • Waxy skin with Flaky look
  • Development of pain under skin
  • A feeling of tenderness right under the skin


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How to treat callus?

Treating calluses start with the removal of the condition which is responsible for the occurrence of callus on your skin. The factor which is creating excess and heavy pressure on the area leading to the thickening of the skin needs to get diagnosed first before starting the treatment.It may be the case that you are advised to start wearing comfortable shoes which create negligible pressure on your feet. If the development of callus is noticed on your hands then it will be best to make use of hand gloves while doing such work which is repetitive in nature and creates pressure on your hands. This will give scope to the area to get healed in a natural manner.In case you are not sure about the exact reason which is leading to the occurrence of callus on your skin get in touch with a chiropodist. They are a specialist for detecting the reason behind the foot problems and offering treatment for the same.


  • Removal of Hard skin: Chiropodist will make an effort to remove a certain portion of the hard skin with the help of a sharp medical tool called scalpel. This will relieve pressure from the skin. Don’t try removing by your own as you may wrongly follow the technique which can create infection on the skin making the condition bad.


  • OTC products for foot care: There are many ointments available in the market which helps in healing and softening the hard skin of callous and thereby distributing the pressure equally. You may consult your Chiropodist for knowing the best product for your use.


  • Use of salicylic acid: Salicylic acid is used for the softening the layer at the top of the dead skin in order to make the removal of the skin easy. Products with salicylic acid can be applied directly on the affected area for getting the best results.


Where to find the best quality Callus eliminator?


You will be a bit relaxed to know the fact that these days having callus is very common as we need to spend long office hours with pressurized shoes and boots.  The same is the case with your hands. If you are spending long hours using your palms or finger tips under pressure for longer duration and that too, on a daily basis then by default there will be the development of hard skin on those areas due to the friction it creates while at work.
The good news is that there are some excellent Callus eliminators available in the market which can help you to get rid of the condition in a complete hassle free manner and that too without any pain. The medicated eliminator is applied on the skin to treat common types of callous on foot. Salicylic acid is present in almost all brands of callus eliminators to help in peeling of the hard skin after making it soft and tender.
The directions of use are clearly mentioned on the package of the eliminator. In case you are still feeling confused about the right technique of application then, in that case, it will be advisable for you to get in touch with your medical practitioner for assistance. Avoid bringing this eliminator close to your eyes or nose and if that happens make sure to wash your eyes and nose properly. Callus eliminators are available both in the form of gel and ointment.

In case you are looking for the best source to avail the product then you can search online. Many leading online stores are selling this product. If you prefer to read some reviews on the products before you buy one for your use, then the ideal destination for you will be the review sites. Pay a visit to those sites and read the reviews given by the experts of the industry and this will help you in making the best pick for callus eliminators.
We are sure that the above discussion gave you a clear view of callus and its eliminators.