The Medicine Used In Any Liquid Callus Remover

A callus results in the hardening of your skin, mainly on the feet or on the hand because of a rubbing for rubbing for a repeated number of times. The emergence of callus may not be very severe condition. In fact, the skin is clotted as some type of protective reaction. With the liquid callus removing procedure, you can remove your callus.

Function of the medication- used in remover

The medication or the drug that is present in any liquid callus-removing product is, in fact, salicyclic acid. This ingredient is highly used for treating the acne. This salicyclic acid is able to show its effect by enhancing the moisture level in the spot of your body. The acid breaks the bonds, which cause the sticking of the skin cells. Then, it becomes easier to remove the excess skin with the use of special stone or something similar like that.

Types of removers of thick skin

Callus remover that is based on liquid is available in two types- gels and liquids. A gel or liquid remover is equipped with one application device, which may enable you to put salicylic acid on your hard skin. Then, try to smoothen up the area of your skin. A pad that is donut type can be used in order that you may be enabled to take the stress off the hardened part. At the same time, the medicine will work. When donut pads are not applied, you can wrap the part, using one bandage.


Method of using

While making use of Liquid Callus Removers, you need to pursue some guidelines on the package. Clean the area that has affected with liquid or soap. And, you can apply pumice stone for removing the initial coating of deceased skin. It can boost up the role of the stated acid. Use salicylic acid along with your application device. Wrap your callus, using the band-aid or donut pad. You can repeat the process for every forty-eight hours.


There are various tips about how to keep away from callus. Wear any shoe design, which fit appropriately. When you cannot twist the toes, you shoes may be extremely tight and it can lead to callus. You must try to extend the shoes. While it does not assist to decrease the rubbing or stroking, you can like to coat the parts, which are likely to wipe with band-aids. Put on the padded gloves while participating in the activities, which lead to the extended stroking of your hands like the lifting of weight, bike riding and usage of hand devices.


A little redness or burning may be expected, while using the product. Never apply it on dry, irritated, cracked skin. Besides, Salicylic acids are not intended to be used on birthmarks, moles or warts, when red edge or unusual color is seen. When any rash arises on the skin, adjacent to the calluses, you need to have the suggestion of a medical expert, while making use of salicylic acid through Liquid Callus Removers.