Find Out How To Benefit From The Salicylic Acid Callus Remover

Losing calluses is often overlooked because most people know that they go away without any treatment if they clear the causes. For example, they are extremely common during the summertime, as people wear sandals. When they switch to regular footwear, calluses move on too. However, most ladies would want to keep their feet in the best possible shape, only because sandals also display their heels. They do not want to end up with pale or yellowish calluses on their soles due to the friction, so they would try all kinds of ideas to recover the pink profile of their skin.
There are more ways to get rid of calluses. Apart from the classic pumice stone and some natural recipes, the salicylic acid callus remover is just as handy. It is rarely sold as salicylic acid though. Instead, you will find callus remover gels in commerce. Some of these gels are also sold as liquids. They are sold as medications and can help calluses peel off little by little. The acid is rated to be a keratolytic. It removes dryness by ensuring the right level of moisture in the skin. It also dissolves the elements that keep dead skin cells together. This way, losing the callus becomes a matter of time only.

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Know how to Use Salicylic Acid

The salicylic acid callus remover must be used according to the instructions. Each medication comes with a prospect. Different medications have different doses of salicylic acid, as well as other ingredients. Remember that it is topical, so it should be used on the skin – no contact with wounds, mouth or eyes. Wash your hands after each use as well.Soak the callus in some warm (almost hot) water for about 5 or 10 minutes, then dry perfectly. There should be no moisture left. Some doctors recommend using a pumice stone or a professional callus remover right after soaking, as the skin is quite soft and easy to remove. Although it helps in the treatment, it is not mandatory.
If the gel is thin, apply a few drops on some bandage or a thin coat, then cover the callus. Make sure that you cover the affected area only. Let it stay there and dry for around 10 minutes. The procedure should be repeated about twice a day. The callus becomes history within less than 12 weeks. It depends on how thick it is though. Most people can notice improvements way faster with this salicylic acid remover though.Dosage is based on how thick and large the callus is. Using more will not heal the condition faster. Instead, it may alter the treatment and even cause some adverse reactions. Get in touch with your specialist doctor if you experience any side effects or the treatment does not seem to work.


In conclusion, the salicylic acid callus remover can work wonders against those problematic skin buildups, but you need to apply it day by day to get over it. Follow the informative prospect and calluses will become history.