Learn How To Remove Calluses In A Natural Manner

Calluses will most commonly show up on feet (especially the soles) and hands. Their primary cause is pure friction. When one area of your skin is exposed to too much friction, it makes perfect sense for the defense mechanism of the body to kick in and react. This is how calluses form. At first, they cause misery and annoyance. With time, they become uncomfortable, then they turn painful if overlooked for too much time. With these aspects in mind, learning how to remove calluses should be among your main priorities once they show up.

Aspirin is one of the main remedies if calluses are new and not too thick. Just get about five capsules and crush them with a little hammer. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and a little water, until you obtain a decent paste by stirring. The paste should be applied on the skin. Wrap the callus with a towel, then cover it in a plastic bag and leave it there for 15 minutes. Calluses will soften, so you can easily scrape them with a callus remover or even a basic pumice stone. This solution is not recommended to diabetics.

When learning how to remove calluses, baking soda is yet another good choice. Fill a basin with warm water and add three tablespoons of baking soda. Stir for a few seconds, then soak. Baking soda is alkaline because it has a high pH of 9. In other words, it will affect the thick skin formations. You can also mix three tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of water, obtain a thick paste and scrub your heels or whatever other areas are affected.

Chamomile tea is not good for your inner organs only, but also against calluses. Prepare chamomile tea and dilute it, only to come up with a larger quantity. Keep your feet in there for half an hour and the pH of your skin will inevitably change. Scrap with a pumice stone or use an electric callus remover to clear the dead skin. There is nothing to worry about if your feet get stained due to the tea, as they can be easily removed with some water and soap.

Cornstarch is just as handy in the process. Get some cornstarch and sprinkle some of it around your toes. The result? These things keep the skin dry. At the same time, they protect it against breaking down. If you have calluses for a long time, you probably know already how they feel when feet sweat. Besides, they can promote fungal infections as well, hence the necessity to apply some preventive techniques.

In the end, these naturist results will prove to be quite efficient over a few weeks. But if you want to know how to remove calluses overnight, a professional electric remover might be the key – comfortable, safe and fast. Removing calluses becomes a matter of seconds only. There are also a few naturist gels out there, yet their main role is to soften the skin before scrapping yourself.