How To Remove Callus Using Pads

Although most men and women care about their physical appearance and spend a lot of money on moisturizers and treatment creams and potions in order to achieve that perfect, flawless complexion, more than often they forget about the importance of healthy and beautiful feet.
From uncomfortable shoes to high heels or standing on your feet too much – these all represent signs that can cause the appearance of callus. Luckily, there are numerous ways –conventional and not so – to remove callus easily and without pain.

What are the main ways to get rid of callus?

Callus represents a quite often feet affection which manifests through high deposits of dead skin cells, especially on the heel area. Although not harmful, it can end up causing pain when walking and, most of all, it is highly unaesthetic. If you want to have soft heels and baby smooth skin, there are numerous natural ways through which you can get rid of callus.
The most important one is deep nourishing of the affected area. Although it may take a while until you see results, callus can be quite easily removed and diminished by thoroughly moisturizing your skin using thick layers of cream and even Vaseline. Other natural ingredients that can be used to remove callus in the comfort of your own home include baking soda, salicylic acid and aspirin, as well as pumice stone.

What are the main methods to diminish and get rid of callus?

Apart from natural ingredients, callus can be removed or diminished through a series of devices. Electronic files and blades are the most common methods used both in salons as well as inside homes to achieve more beautiful feet and legs. Pumice stone and electronic files scrub the skin deposits and, after soaking your feet in warm water, will easier remove the excessive dead skin cells and restore your feet’s beauty.
Pads also represent a revolutionary way of getting rid of corn and calluses without having to endure endless pedicure appointments at the spa and spend dozens of dollars every time. Medical pads and bandages are often enough infused with salicylic acid, a strong and active ingredient which is known to fight against a wide series of skin problems and imperfections.
From wards to acne, zits, acne marks, callus and corn, salicylic acid is successfully used to treat a wide spectrum of skin affections and deliver a more even, smoother and better looking complexion.

How to use pads to remove callus?

There are numerous companies on the market selling anti-callus pads, amongst which the reputed foot company, Scholl. However, in order to make the pads successful and remove callus you need to firmly follow the instructions provided. First of all you need to secure the affected area and cover the surrounding portions of skin with a cloth or a layer of Vaseline.
Then, peel off the cover and place the bandage or pad directly on the affected area and on the affected area only. Leave it act according to the specifications. Depending on the brand, you will have to remove the old pad and add a new one between 8 and 48 hours. You have to apply the procedure for two weeks in order to get rid of callus.