Corns And Calluses Treatment That You Can Prepare At Home

Calluses are skin formations on areas exposed to pressure and friction. They usually show up on the soles. However, some people may also end up with calluses on their fingers. Guitarists may experience this problem right away. All in all, most people ignore these calluses. They represent a sign of a properly functional immune system. Basically, the system tries to protect the exposed area by covering it with a layer of dead and thick skin cells. Overlooking this problem can become uncomfortable with time. Expose the area to the same amount of pressure and it becomes painful too.

Most people look for corns and calluses treatments for other reasons though. When they wear sandals or other similar footwear during the summertime, their feet do not look as good as they imagine. As a direct consequence, they want to keep themselves tidy, but they often have no clue what treatments to begin with. So, how can you get rid of these formations?

Corns and Calluses Treatments Based on Vinegar

Get some apple cider vinegar for this naturist home based treatment. Also, you need some bread. Just cut a thick slice and let it soak in apple cider vinegar for not less than 10 hours. By that time, the bread should be history. Instead, you should have some paste in the respective bowl. You can also wait less than 10 hours if you can spot the paste. Use it before going to bed though.

Identify the affected areas, put some paste on them, then get a bandage or compress wrap on top of it. This thing should stay on your calluses for the whole night, so make sure that you properly secure it or you will spoil the bedsheets.

In order to prevent the paste from causing any mess, you should also wrap your foot in a plastic sack. Go to sleep and remove it in the morning. You will be surprised by the outcome. You might need to repeat this procedure for a few more nights, especially if calluses are too thick.

Corns and Calluses Treatments Based on Salts

You do not have to use any random type of salts though. Instead, stick to Epsom salts. You will also need some warm water and a large enough bowl to accommodate both feet. If you do not have one, just treat one foot at a time. Put the warm (almost hot) water into the bowl and add the Epsom salts. Stir for a minute. Soak the affected area in this “cocktail”.

Warm water has one major goal – softening the hardened skin. On the other hand, salts help in scrubbing the callus away. These are some of the most popular corns and calluses treatments. Some people also rub the affected areas a little, only to stimulate the scrubbing process.


As a short final conclusion, corns and calluses treatments can be quite diversified. You can count on one of these homemade solutions, but you can also invest in a callus remover and get these unpleasant calluses removed overnight.