Best Electric Callus Remover

Calluses are some thick formations of dead skin and cells that usually occur due to too much friction or pressure. For example, they mostly affect soles. They are more common in the summertime, especially among people who wear slippers and sandals. Calluses are not supposed to be harmful. In fact, they represent the natural reaction of the body in the attempt to protect the skin. However, if left untreated, they are likely to grow thicker and thicker. At some point, they become quite painful. Even basic activities like walking or taking your shoes on can become challenging, hence the necessity of a treatment.

There are more types of callus removers to clear or at least soften calluses. An electric callus remover can be used on the elbows, soles or other parts where skin tends to thicken. Rasps are just as common in the process, not to mention topical treatments meant to soften the skin, like gels and balms. The pumice stone is not to be overlooked either, especially as it represents a classic solution. Keep in mind that most treatments are not general. Instead, they have to be individualized according to how harmful the callus is.

From this point of view, take your time and look into each choice before making a final decision. Using the wrong remover for the job can cause irritations, discomfort and even injury. Normally, these problems occur if you use a tough product on an area where the skin is not thick enough. Obviously, dead skin cells are painless, but the skin under them can be seriously harmed.

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Comparing Callus Rasps to Electric Removers


The callus rasp is a manual device used to eliminate the thick dead skin formations. This device is usually metallic. It also has a small plastic handle for support. Using it is fairly simple – scrapping the dead skin, while the blades cut very thin layers of it. At some point or another, dead skin becomes history. This choice is more common in people with sole calluses. They tend to get thicker down there due to the constant pressure, so they are more severe. On a different note, the rasp is not such a good idea for sensitive and delicate skin. If you got calluses on the elbow, you should choose a different model.

The electric callus remover is more appropriate than the classic rasp though. Why? Simple. First, it does not imply cutting through skin layers. Just when you think about it, this kind of technique looks harsh enough. Second, you do not really have to do it manually. Instead of feeling like working your arm out, just use a professional remover and let it do the job without asking for too much pressure. Such tools are not just faster and more comfortable, but also more efficient.


Making the Difference between Stones and Electric Removers


Pumice stones and files are among the oldest methods to maintain soles in the best possible shape by clearing dead skin cells. They are most commonly used on soles, yet they can also work wonders on elbows, but only if the callus is thick enough. At the same time, using them on elbows asks for a gentle operation. Both of these methods tear apart layers of skin and wear away dead skin, only to show the fresh skin underneath. Unfortunately, they take quite a while to work. Most people would have to use them for a few weeks in order to notice any visible results. They are more efficient on mild calluses too.

When compared to these pumice stones, an electric callus remover is likely to provide even better effects over short periods of time. These things can eliminate the thick skin within seconds only. Results are almost instant. Sure, calluses may form again due to your lifestyle, but using the remover regularly will prevent them from aggravating. It might be a good idea to just make some changes in your lifestyle as well.


Medications Versus Electric Callus Removers


If you reach to a doctor to get rid of calluses, most of them will recommend all kinds of topical medications. Some of these things are natural though and can be purchased from beauty stores. Topical solutions take forever to work. Besides, they require an immediate change in your lifestyle and more protection for the affected skin. Medications are likely to cause side effects too, while the naturist products will show no obvious signs of improvement during the first months.

When compared to these options, an electric callus remover becomes the ultimate form of efficiency. Some of these callus removers are so efficient that calluses can be cleared from the first use. It only takes a few seconds. Many of them are also waterproof, which means that they work while bathing or showering. Just keep in mind that waterproof items cannot always be submersed underwater. The good news about using the electric callus remover on wet skin is that softened skin is more likely to repair.

All in all, no matter what kind of callus remover product you choose, you should know that these things must not be shared with family or friends. There are rare situations when blood is also drawn from the skin, especially if the area is filled with it. At this point, sharing these utensils is extremely unsanitary and may help in spreading specific diseases. It is worth noting that you can, indeed, mix an electric callus remover and a topical cream. Use the cream once you are done with the remover though. If there is one thing to cause any irritation, discontinue the treatment and choose a different one.




As a short final conclusion, an electric callus remover is probably the best way to get rid of those unwanted formations. Let them grow and they will become uncomfortable. Ignore them some more and they will become painful. To a lot of people, they also add to the aesthetic purpose, especially in women. Therefore, react as soon as you can sense dry and thick skin on specific areas of your body.